About Me

When we allow ourselves to be helped and healed, we help others too.

I work with love and compassion and see each person as unique, feeling into what the root cause of their dis-ease may be, knowing from my own experience that all is connected.

My own interest in complementary therapies began in my late teens when I went from one serious illness to the next, including recurring kidney infections, glandular fever and chronic fatigue, knowing intuitively that I needed to help and support myself in whatever way felt right to me, I used natural solutions to support my treatments and restore balance and energy to myself. 

As my journey continued I have experienced many challenging life situations that have affected my mental, emotional, physical and souls well being over the years. Through my own personal healing journey I have experienced the benefit of many therapies and have been blessed with the guidance and love of many beautiful souls who have assisted and empowered me on my path.   
One of the many defining key moments was the first time I received a Bowen treatment for a trapped sciatic nerve when I was pregnant with one of my sons, during that treatment my passion and belief that I should train as a therapist was ignited.  In that moment I knew I needed to start using all of my experiences to help others on their healing journey.

As my family life moved on, the urge to change course with my work and train as a therapist grew. I trained in Reiki and Indian Head massage, EFT and Bach flowers, I used them on family and friends but knew I needed to commit to being a therapist.

Events in my life transpired and as it all came together I knew the time was right, within the week the universe had confirmed this and I was un-expectantly made redundant from the job I was doing.  I immediately signed on to the Bowen Technique course, firmly setting me on a new path as a therapist. I have felt such a deep gratitude and love for the work that I do ever since.

I have since trained in sound healing, crystal healing and expanded on my Bowen training. I always use all of my knowledge, experiences and training to bring together the best outcome for my clients.

I am particularly passionate about the Bowen technique and have specialised in working with children with this incredibly effective therapy.

I am also very excited about a new therapy I qualified in in 2018 called VNR (Vagus nerve rejuvenation) and have been blown away by this powerful and much needed treatment.

I am excited to continue on this life journey, learning, growing and sharing my experiences, my knowledge and my love of all.


Please see below a list of the treatments available: